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Benefits of Anal Pleasure?

It's quite astounding to find an article entitled "10 surprising benefits of anal sex". I mean we don't think anal sex as being more than a pleasurable experience at least, pleasurable for some people, provided hygiene is maintained, relaxation is possible, and your partner is willing.

So what's the real excitement? And what could possibly constitute 10 surprising benefits of this kind of sexual intercourse?

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Well considering the fact that comparatively few people have tried this form of sexual pleasure, the obsession about it on the Internet is quite extraordinary.

There are probably just as many videos available depicting anal intercourse as there are depicting conventional intercourse, even though anal intercourse is definitely a "minority sport" in real life.

Certainly there are plenty of taboos about it it's kind of dirty, it's something that's seedy, and it's something that is frankly downright distasteful to many people.

So what could, the benefits of anal sex possibly be?

I think the author of this article was struggling rather when he (I assume) put these so-called benefits together.

Indeed, to suggest that the first benefit of anal sex is that it keeps your immune system in great shape is so contrived it's almost laughable.

The logic here is that sex in general is fantastic for your health, so presumably any kind of sex is going to help your immune system. Well, maybe. It's certainly going to give your immune system a test if you happen to be infected with hepatitis, HIV or some other nasty disease like a urinary tract infection after unprotected anal intercourse.

And the second so-called benefit is even more extraordinary: one has to wonder if they're serious when they say that anal sex is a benefit because it "clears you out".

I mean, to suggest that you would have anal intercourse as a way of providing a laxative for your partner is not only bizarre but frankly downright disgusting.

We might be on better ground with the third supposed benefit that it's more pleasurable for the man. And of course the reason for that is because the anus has a tighter grip than the vagina.

Of course you can imagine that will certainly give a man greater pleasure, but the question is what will it do for his partner?

And another supposed benefit of anal sex presented in this article is that it gives men a sense of accomplishment. And a sense of being powerful and dominant. Well, I think that's pretty immature. I mean feeling powerful and dominant and isn't about sticking your todger up shit street, surely?

Anyway let's press on. I want more laughs in my life.

The fifth benefit of anal sex is presented (at least in this rather peculiar article) as a way to increase intimacy between the partners. Bollocks! Intimacy depends on how the partners relate to each other, not on how they are having (or whether they are having) anal sex.

For example trust between partners is generated over a period of time by each knowing what the other wants and wishing to respect that, so will do something for the other. In truth men want to experiment with anal and can become quite persistent making their partner let them try it which hardly is a way of increasing intimacy or trust.

The next benefit is even more bizarre, in a world where contraception is readily available: to suggest that anal sex is good because it eliminates fear of pregnancy is just astounding.

Further, the author says that the freedom from tension caused by the fear of getting pregnant can allow partners to let go and enjoy it much more. I think this speaks for itself.

And we move from the sublime to ridiculous with the suggestion that semen is a healthy product to put inside a woman's anus, apparently (according to this article), imbued with such bizarre qualities as reduction of anxiety, antidepressant, improving quality of sleep, increasing libido, and more all of which is simply rubbish.

Furthermore, if you are having anal sex without a condom, you're really taking the risk, as a man, of getting a quite serious urinary tract infection.

Perhaps one of the few supposed benefits which I do agree with in this article is that it can increase sexual diversity in other words it can spice things up and make your love life more exciting.

And finally - it's an alternative to period sex? Well, you be the judge of that.

There's a rather more thoughtful piece in women's health mag, where the motivation for engaging in anal-sex is analzyed.

130 heterosexual men and women between the ages of 16 and 18 were interviewed in groups, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it turned out that men and women had vastly different views of what anal sex is all about.

Men saw it as a macho process of sexual intercourse which gave them pleasure. The woman spoke of fear and pain.

Men often said that they wanted to have anal sex because they wanted to try it out because they'd seen it in pornography or even, because it was more pleasurable than conventional penetration.
Yet most of the women said that they simply did it to please their partners. What this says about the way in which women regard love for their guy is a mystery.

Maybe what it means is that women see "pleasing" their partners as a way of loving them. Certainly there is something deeply disturbing about the absence of love from the motivations of the men here.

And oddly enough, the study revealed that there was a shared understanding and indeed an expectation that women were supposed to be begged or (more alarmingly) forced into participation, and they should expect it to hurt.

Yet, if they asserted their sexual boundaries and said that they didn't want it, they were regarded as uptight.

Men often use the logic of "you try it, you'll like" it to convince women to do anal.

Regrettably, some even believe that it was impossible to transmit STI's through anal sex - completely untrue!

Of course you might argue that these results were obtained by looking at young people in superficial and perhaps temporary relationships, but Christine Milrod, a licenced sex therapist, says that these views actually reflect a wider view among Adult American men and women over the age of 18.

In short, it seems that porn is now acting as some kind of sex education for a great number of people.

The themes and scenes in porn, even though unrealistic, are serving as model for our sexual behavior. Perhaps the most alarming and disquieting thing about this is the behavior of young men who believe they are entitled to demand sexual acts they've seen in pornography from their girlfriends.

In other words, this anal sex behavior is becoming a norm - without women's consent!

So in short, what we need to do is ensure that women who are trying anal are empowered to enforce their sexual boundaries, entitled to say "no" (and be respected in that) when they're in pain or don't find it pleasurable, and be empowered to assert themselves about the use of lube and other conditions which make it acceptable for them, and to ensure they feel confident enough not to go along with what their men want just because they desire to please men.

Bottom line: it's about time women started deciding for themselves what they want to do and NOT do sexually, anal sex included.

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