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It's something a little dirty, something sacred, something not talked about, but more and more men and women are experimenting with it.

Yep, I'm talking about anal sex...

A 2009 study of American college undergraduates found that one in four reported having had anal sex. The figures for the general population range between thirty and forty percent, and those numbers are continuing to rise.

Clearly more and more people are opening their minds and broadening their horizons when it comes to their own sexuality.

But anal sex is not something you can just "dive into". It's a completely different experience from having vaginal sex, and when done correctly can bring on some of the most intense orgasms she's ever felt.

But it's not all about her... anal sex is also very pleasurable for the man as the anus is going to be much tighter than the vagina.

The first two inches of the anus is called the anal canal. This area is rich in nerve endings and responds well to stimulation. After you get past the anal canal is the rectum which is about eight to nine inches. The key to why anal sex can be so pleasurable is because the membrane between the rectum and the vaginal canal is very thin. Because it's so thin this allows you to indirectly stimulate her G Spot and the back of her A-Spot during anal sex with either your fingers or your penis.

The combo of the direct stimulation to the nerve endings inside the anal canal and the indirect stimulation to her G Spot and A-Spot is going to be like nothing she's felt before.

In fact women who partake in anal play say that it's a stronger and deeper orgasm than even a vaginal orgasm. Besides the physical pleasure she's going to feel, anal sex can also be a big turn on for her emotionally.

  • It's not something she's done with many partners, this makes it a turn on.

  • Anal play is considered taboo, and that's a huge turn on for women.

  • Women like that it's naughty and the fact you're not suppose to be doing it.

It's important to remember not all women are going to be open to anal play. It's something you have to discuss with your partner ahead of time. If both you and your partner decide that anal play is something you'd like to try, then there are some guidelines to follow.

1. It's VERY important to go slow. The rectum is curved and if you just try to jam something in there it can cause pain and even damage it. You need to warm her up before you start hammering away.

2 Anal sex should never hurt, if she feels any pain you've not warmed her up enough, slow down and take your time. However, the discomfort of anorgasmia - which means a man needs to have long, long sex such as you encounter with delayed ejaculation - is not avoided by long thrusting in a tight anus, either.

3. Keep your hands well manicured to avoid any scraping of her rectum.

3. LUBE IS A NECESSITY and lots of it. Her anus is not self lubricating!

4. For anal play always use a water based lubricant such as Astroglide. (DON'T use silicone or oil based lubricants) Also stay away from desensitizing lubes as she won't be able to feel anything.

5. Never insert anything that has been in her anus back into her vagina without first washing it. This includes your fingers, penis, toys, etc. Bacteria from her anus can cause an infection in her vagina.

That pretty much covers the basics and should be enough to get you started, and by following those simple guidelines I'm sure anal sex is going to be an experience you and your partner will enjoy greatly.


Pain - you are probably not using enough lube or trying to enter before she is relaxed

Yeast infections - do not transfer the material from her rectum to her vagina or you risk a yeast infection (or worse, bacterial vaginosis). Ensure you use a condom or wash carefully afterwards. To avoid yeast infections, please have a look at our excellent source of information on the subject - go here for more information.

Hygiene - you will come across shit in the rectum, it's inevitable even with the best douching. All you can do is accept it's part of the risk.

Bleeding - anal fissures can be very painful,. so go slowly. If she can't take it or doesn't like it, give up and leave until another time.

Always remember the first step is communication, make sure she's open to anal play, and take things slow. If you're interested in learning even more  the good news is you get an entire video module free when you invest in the "Female Orgasm Blueprint" program. In this bonus module my friend and colleague Jason Julius goes over anything and everything you could possibly ever want to know about female anal orgasms, and he also gives away a superb guide to anal stimulation techniques that I know are going to blow your partner's mind! You can see his system on the home page of this website.

If you experience erectile dysfunction, and you're looking for some effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, then the information available here may well be helpful: it's a treatment program which has been used by thousands of men in the last few years and which seems to work particularly well for men who are able to obtain a partial erection.


I think it worth mentioning that anal sex can be a way of increasing the stimulation on the penis for men with delayed ejaculation (who typically lack enough stimulation to reach the point of no return).

This may be a way in which they can therefore get enough stimulation to reach orgasm and ejaculate. However, I could not find anyone on the internet who suggested this worked.... so I suspect it is not a good idea!

A Touch of Humour!

anal sex may be a solution for delayed ejaculation


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